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the future of aviation

In 2028, we're taking to the skies for the first time in an electric aircraft. Three flights in three countries will form a new milestone in the future of aviation. And you're invited.

Our journey toward

a sustainable future



Sustainable aviation fuel

Our first-ever flight using a mix of biofuel was flown, and since then we’ve been working hard to make different sustainable fuel types replace their fossil-based counterparts.


Commitment to zero-emission aircraft

By partnering with Airbus and Heart Aerospace, we’re paving the way for the large-scale use of low and zero-emission electric and hydrogen powered commercial aircraft.


Our first electric flight

In just five years’ time, we’re aiming to take off on our maiden electric flight. And we’re looking forward to welcoming you onboard!


Sustainably fueled domestic flights

We’re aiming to use enough sustainable aviation fuel to power all our flights within Scandinavia.



The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has set an ambitious goal of net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. We’re more than happy to lead the way.

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How does it work?

When will the flights take place?

The exact date will be communicated in due time, the ambition is for 2028. Travelers having made a reservation will be continuously notified by email as the specifics take shape.

Which routes will be flown?

The inaugural electric flights will be domestic flights in Sweden, Denmark, and Norway respectively. The exact details will be communicated well in advance of the flights.

How long will the flight be?

The distance and duration of the flight both depend on the aircraft capacity. Aviation technology is evolving at an ever-increasing speed, and we will plan the journey according to the possibilities presented to us.

What happens if the flight is canceled, delayed or the conditions change?

Please see the Terms and Conditions, available from 2 June at 12:00 CET.

How can SAS guarantee that these flights will operate 5 years ahead of time?

We do this to manifest our strong belief in the development of electric aviation as a viable option for low- and zero emission aviation. We will now continue the work together with the industry to develop the technology and make this happen. That being said, we cannot make a guarantee, the point of time of the flight is estimated based on a dialogue with potential suppliers and when they will be able to deliver commercial electric aircraft.

Can the reservation be withdrawn?

Yes. Please see the Terms & Conditions when they become available on 2 June.

If I can’t join on the flight in 5 years, can I give it to someone else?

Yes, you will be able to transfer the reservation of seat to someone else after the payment for the reservation of seat has been made and the name change will be free of charge.

Which aircraft will be used?

The final decision is not made with regards to which electric aircraft will operate the specific first flight. SAS has multiple initiatives underway towards zero-emission flights, and final selection will be done in time for the first electric flight which is estimated to be carried out in 2028.

Is it safe?

Safety is at the forefront of everything that we do, and the first electric flight is no different. Customers can always rely on the fact that SAS never have and never will compromise when it comes to safety.